The game called Politics

If politics is a dirty game then politicians are dirtier people. At least, this is what recent tongue mongering by the political leaders, urges us to conclude.
Mr. Politician, on one fine day is keen to see his picture in the newspapers. After all most of his colleagues are writing stuff and having their name and photo printed.

But there is one problem. Mr. Politician cannot write sensible and witty stuff like his colleagues.

So, he decides he will make a statement. Terrorism is the buzz word and the leader does not have to toil to choose his topic. There is one banned group alleged to have terror links. He makes up his mind to say the opposite of what others are saying. Not to ban it. And to probe into the recent police encounter. Looks sensible stuff and will also win Muslim votes for the party.

Mr. Politician
(Making the statement): The Student Islamic Movement of India (SIMI) should not be banned. And there should be judicial probe into the Jamia Nagar encounter.

Secretary: Sirji, Sirji…What have you done?…Just last week you had sent a cheque of Rs. 10,00,000 to the police officer’s wife who died fighting the terrorists at Jamia Nagar. You are saying exactly the opposite of what you have done. Have you forgotten your script?

Mr. Politician: Arrey!! You are a fool. I omitted two zeroes from the figure in the cheque. So, the cheque will come back to us because the amount in words and the one in figures will not match. Hee! Hee! Hee!

Secretary: Wow Sirji... You are so intelligent. (Read cunning).
The next day Mr. Politician browses through the newspapers. Almost all of them have his photograph.

Secretary: Sirji! Sirji!

Mr. Politician: I know what you will tell me. That my photo is there in all the newspapers… I have already seen them. My kurta seems not ironed in one of them.

Secretary: No Sirji. That is not what I want to tell you. One gentleman from our friendly party has said that you should see a mental doctor. Hee... Hee… Hee…

Mr. Politician is infuriated and screams at the secretary.

Mr. Politician: Who is the CHIRKUT (small fry)? Just tell me his name.

The conversation is interrupted with the arrival of other leaders of Mr. Politician’s party. Politician X is a senior leader of the party.

Politician X: Why did you make the statement?

Mr. Politician: It will win us Muslim voters.

Politician X: But what about the Hindu voters. They too form a large majority.

Mr. Politician:
Okay fine…I will retract my statement tomorrow.


Mr. Politician (To himself): It will again get my picture in the newspapers. Hee! Hee! Heee!

Politician X: But, what about the Muslim voters that you have already pleased.

Mr. Politician: You don’t worry; I will keep doing this till the next elections.

(To himself)

Mr. Politician: It means I will keep seeing my photograph in the newspapers every day. These common people are real fools and so are the journalists.

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