New mantra of marketing gurus- Join the Social service bandwagon

How do you react when Mahendra Singh Dhoni emotionally appeals to you to Save the Tiger in a television commercial? Off course you are touched by the dwindling number of the wild cats in Indian forests and by this novel initiative of Aircel in collaboration with the World Wildlife Fund (WWF). But, the first question that might hit you is how?

Don’t expect the Indian cricket captain to provide an answer. Or star footballer Baichung Bhutia and actor Suriya who may follow with the same appeals in other ads to tell you how you should save the animal from extinction. Aircel, which in collaboration with World Wildlife Fund (WWF) has launched this “public service campaign”, should tell the viewers how it would like them to save the tiger. Or if the initiative is solely about USP and nothing else then an advertisement about Aircel’s new night chat plan might well do the task.

Marketing gurus have found a new mantra to enhance their company’s brand image: join the social service bandwagon.

Good intensions are useless in the absence of commonsense.
-Jami, Baharistan