New Year 2015 celebrations in Sydney, Tokyo, Moscow, Istanbul and other places in the world

New Year 2015 celebrations around the world SYDNEY | MOSCOW | ISTANBUL | TOKYO | SWITZERLAND | Happy New Year
Happy New Year 2015
New Year celebrations in United States of America
New Year celebrations Beach parties #bestmemoriesof2014
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Sydney opens new year with midnight fireworks

Monkey saves life of dying friend at Indian rail station

A monkey has saved the life of another monkey that had fallen unconscious after being electrocuted in northern Indian town of Kanpur in Uttar Pradesh. The incident took place at the Kanpur railway station. The monkey was electrocuted and fell on the railway tracks unconscious while walking on the high tension wires at the station. A fellow monkey spotted the poor primate and toiled hard for almost 20 minutes to revive it.

The monkey tried to revive its injured friend by repeatedly biting, hitting and tipping it in the water. Its efforts finally paid dividends and the injured animal was able to walk away from the railway tracks.

VIDEO: Bulandshahr DM lashes out at contractor, shows how to fight corruption

Bulandshahr DM lashes out at a contractor telling him - 'Shame on You..This is public money' for poor road construction. Bulandshahr District Magistrate B Chandrakala in Uttar Pradesh has shot to instant fame - thanks to a video showing her conducting an inspection on road construction and scolding officials for alleged corrupt activities.

Nicki Minaj plays Beyonce on on Saturday Night Live - WATCH VIDEO

American rapper and singer Nicki Minaj performed on Saturday Night Live today. The hot lady not only sang and performed but also impersonated American singer and actress Beyonce in the show sending the audience into frenzies.
The show has been much anticipated especially after Nicki shared two rather revealing photos on her Instagram. The selfies were clicked when the singer was rehearsing for the Saturday Night Live performance and showed a large part of her voluptuous upper part. SNL REHEARSALS R GIVING ME LIFE. WATCH TMRW, said Nicki on her Instagram.
Some sites even reported that Nicki Minaj was very close to a wardrobe malfunction in one of the selfies in which we could see a small part of one of her nipples.

So stay tuned and watch Nicki on SNL.

Man pulls lion by tail in Gir Forest in India

Watch this stunning video of a man teasing a lioness. The video has been shot at the Gir Forest in Gujarat, India. The mobile clip has gone viral on social media and has earned a lot of criticism from the video. Forest officials at Gir however argue that it is no mischief and the video has been shot by two herdsmen who helped them track the sick lioness.

The herdsmen found the animal paralysed. One of them tried to access its weakness by touching its tail while the other herdsman shot the video on his mobile phone, forest officials said. They claimed that the media had misunderstood the clipping. But the video seems shot more in zest than to help the lioness.

Watch and comment your views

Watch how this Orthopedic doctor examines infants

An orthopedic surgeon in Russia has a unique way of examining infants. The doctor makes some sudden and quick movements of the baby’s head, hands and legs astounding people watching it.

We may think that this might hurt the infant but parents visiting this medical practitioner know that he is an expert in this. Just as the baby’s cries get louder, the doctor whispers something in his ears. He tells the infant to ‘Calm’ and the newborn seems to listen. As if he understands the doctor’s language, the baby stops crying immediately.

North Korea leader Kim Jong Un resurfaces

North Korea’s leader Kim Jong Un has been spotted after prolonged absence laying to rest speculation about his health and grip on power.
The North Korean leader was seen visiting a newly built residential district and the Natural Energy Institute of the State Academy of Sciences according to the country’s state run media. These pictures that we are showing you is of Un released by the country’s national media.
This was Kim’s first public appearance after September 3. Earlier, rumours were rife that Kim has been ousted from power in a coup but these have been dispelled by the leadership of the opaque country.

Some reports say that the most likely explanation for Kim’s absence was ongoing treatment for a leg condition such as gout.

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Calum Hood leaked nude picture sends fans in tizzy: Video 5SOS

5 Seconds of Summer member Calum Hood sent his fans into a tizzy after his nude picture was leaked on snapchat. He was trending all day with millions of fans voicing their support for the teenager bassist and Australian pop punk band member. 


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