Mother crushed by escalator but throws son to safety | CHINA

A mother was crushed to death in an escalator at a shopping complex in India although she managed to save her little son by throwing him away moments before her death. The incident took place in Hubei province and has been caught on security cameras. Xiang Liujuan, 30, was shopping in the mall with her her husband but he was not present with her when the accident took place.

The negligence of maintenance workers was the cause behind the accident as they forgot to screw a metal plate that gave way when the woman stepped on it.

Punjab attack: Terrorists holed in Gurdaspur police station, 8 killed | Raw video

Terrorists attacked a police station in Gurdaspur, Punjab Monday morning. Eight people have been killed including a terrorist and policemen in the gun battle that ensued.

VIDEO: Beautiful Sara Tendulkar with father Sachin, Anjali

MUSSOORIE: Sachin’sbeautiful daughter Sara Tendulkar was spotted with her parents and younger brother Arjun in northern India’s popular hill station Mussoorie recently. As we all know, 17-year-old Sara has been attracting attention and gaining immense popularity with her elegance and style.

Sara’s simple yet stunning look has put her in the spotlight and she is being touted as the next big thing in the world of glamour and glitz. There are several Facebook fan pages and Twitter handles dedicated to Sara Tendulkar, who is often seen accompanying father Sachin and mother Anjali Tendulkar in parties. She is at times compared to Alia Bhatt made her acting debut with Bollywood film Student Of The Year at the age of 19.


WATCH: Sikh kid confronts bully in United Kingdom

A video that has gone viral of social networks shows a Sikh boy confront and thrash a white teenager outside a school in United Kingdom.

Raw video: Gujarat cops dance, shower money on ‘orchestra’ girls

VIDEO: Subramanian Swamy ties mangalsutra on bride by mistake

Bharatiya Janata Party leader Subramanian Swamy shocked everyone when he absent-mindedly moved to tie the mangalsutra around a young bride's neck during a wedding that he was invited to solemnize.

VIDEO: Tiger jumps incredibly high to catch meat

A video of a tiger jumping incredibly high to catch meat has gone viral on Youtube. The video visibly shot by visitors shows two tigers waiting for food near a visitor vehicle. When a lump of meat is thrown, one of the tigers jumps almost 10 feet into the air to catch the meat.