Where 3 idiots fail

3 idiots is undoubtedly a brilliantly entertaining movie that captures the decay in the Indian education system. It celebrates creativity and pragmatism over convention and principles. However, where the film fails is its failure to rise above conventional stereotypes of “success”.

The film impresses when it encourages the protagonists to pursue their passions and undertake a non-conformist path. The motto (of Baba Ranchhoddas) to strive for excellence and not run after success confronts the non-creative and tyrannical nature of the education system.

However, the movie disappoints by rewarding the lead character Rancho played by Aamir Khan with the same old definition of success that it earlier confronts. He emerges as a brilliant scientist with some 400 patents to his name and the one whom Chatur, a product of the nerd is seeking to woo.

In fact, even the other friend is shown, though subserviently, rewarded in the stereotypical definition of success. Farhan, played by Madhavan has authored several books on “Wildlife” which in a way is testimony to his “successful” career.

Perhaps Rajkumar Hirani was more concerned about doing Bollywood-style justice to the “rebellious” student by making “success” in the form of Chatur run after Rancho as promulgated by the erstwhile Baba Ranchhoddas. One can argue that the school which Rancho runs towards the end of the film is enough testimony to his victory. And in his own definition.