Will India produce the next globally innovative product

When Harvard Business School Dean Nitin Nohria asks if the Indian IT industry is aiming to give the world the next Google, Facebook or Twitter, we don't have an answer. This, in spite of the fact that IT is one industry that we pride ourselves in. In fact, most other industries too have failed to provide a globally innovative product. One reason for this is Indian companies aim to cater to a demand led market to get faster return on their investment.

For this reason and for many others the average engineer or IT professional in India fails to think beyond a hefty paying job. The mentality of the society is also such that it forces Indians even with efficient skills and ability to play safe. The government and corporates should have the foresight to encourage young minds by investing in R & D to drive innovation. Otherwise India will continue to be looked at as a centre for very basic IT work and for routine customer requirement.