Safe food, tasty food during Commonwealth

A waiter posse beside a hoarding of Indian paranthas. Pix: Dipu Shaw

The Delhi Government is coming up with new regulatory measures ahead of the 2010 Commonwealth Games. After the decision to clear the city’s roads with beggars, the latest in the row is a new project to upgrade the eateries and roadside dhabas.

‘The Safe Food, Tasty Food’ project of the Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI) will look to provide framework for holding food establishments accountable for acceptable levels of safety and quality of food served in the capital.

The Quality Council of India will also certify 1000 eateries in the city that would follow International standards. These eateries will be listed in the “recommended list” of restaurants for the visiting foreign tourists.

Under the Food Safety and Standards Act, 2006, the FSSAI will put “appropriate pressure on the food establishments to improve their safety and quality by making adherence to the required standard mandatory”.

The FSSAI as well plans to design a suitable Logo, Portal and Signage for adoption before the games. This will enable visitors to identify places where they can have a taste of traditional Indian delicacies, without worrying much about their health.

The Delhi Government is eager to portray Delhi as a hygienic and safe food destination and that it cares for the quality and safety of life in the National Capital.

Studies on the hygiene of fast-food restaurants in Delhi have pointed out that the city’s street food is not all that healthy.

The Government has already undertaken the preliminary work required for improving their safety according to basic minimum parameters which are already identified. It is all set to turn the capital's cheap, mouth-watering variety of ready-to-eat street foods into a safe and hygienic experience.

Authorities will not only monitor the quality of food and water sources but also create proper garbage disposal, sanitation facilities and a process of control on street food sales on mutually acceptable terms.