The Slumdog Millionaire debate...2

I watched Slumdog Millionaire. And I did it with an unprejudiced mind. I endorse all the disgust and disappointment shown by fellow bloggers and the likes of Arindam Choudhury. It is an insult on all Indians in general and Hindus in particular. In fact, Danny Boyle has repeated what the British had done to our country for about 200 years. He has played the communal card. This time to rule our minds!

When a little boy dressed as Lord Ram, looks abhorrently at Jamal, the subtle message is that the Hindu Gods or His worshippers in this country are intolerant of Muslims. And that this state of affairs is endorsed by the State (signified by the policemen being silent observers of the massacre).

Quite disparagingly, Jamal is able to answer that Benjamin Franklin's photo is on a $100 note. He remembers how his blinded beggar friend had identified the note. (As if to signify the benevolence of Britishers who give away $100 notes to beggars). To point out the truth, the parents of the child actors of SM have already accused the film's producers of underpaying and exploiting the eight-year-olds.

Paradoxically, Jamal is unable to recognize Mahatma Gandhi's picture on a 1000 rupee note. It is a pungent remark on the Mahatma and the respect that he has among his countrymen. Jamal, with an English education in primary school however, remembers the names of the Musketeers.

I think Mother India portrayed a grimmer reality of India's poverty. And in an unprejudiced way. But, we did not appreciate the film that much. Probably because it did not win a Golden Globe. And was not made by Danny Boyle.