The aftermath of the Pakistan attack

The details of the attack on Sri Lankan cricketers in the Pakistani city of Lahore is still unclear. But one thing which is clear is that cricket in the country has been mortally wounded. And that it is a blow to the nation's peace and security.

Pakistani government should now take firm action against the terrorist elements and terrorist hubs inside the country.

These are some of the things that need to be done before the world will take Pakistan seriously:

1) Admit and recognize that the problem lies in Pakistan and it’s not some weird conspiracy of the outside world.

2) Find the terrorists

3) Punish them to highest possible extent of the law.

4) Cancel ANY deals with the terrorists.

5) Do a complete over-haul of the intelligence agencies. Root out the corruption on all levels.

6) Ensure public and guest safety.

Seems like a place to start don’t you think?