Politicians and foreign tours

Indians are parsimonious people. But, when it comes to our politicians, most of us will agree that they are spendthrifts. Their various foreign tours taking a large part of their expenditure. With Chief Minister Shila Dixit it is not so. Not that she is a miser. But she is frugal in her expenditures in her foreign tours. At least this is what the Chief Minister Office report helps us to conclude.

In a reply to a recent Right To Information petition filed in order to find out about the expenditures of the chief minister on her foreign tours from 2007 till date, the office of the Chief minister has provided the following information.

In her visit to Kuwait in March (from 16-04-07 to 17-04-07) to take part in the Asian Olympic Council Meeting, the Chief Minister spent only Rs. 10,192. Interestingly, the fare for Kuwait is approximately Rs 20,000.

She was also a part of the meeting of “Large Cities Climate Change” at New York in the United States of America from 14-05-07 to 17-05-07. Her expenditure on this tour was Rs 6,13,072.

Later in the year, (from 04-09-07 to 09-09-07) she visited Yerawan and Misk in Belarus to attend the 940th anniversary of the city of Misk. The amount that she spent during her six day trip was Rs 1,68,660. Even this is quite an economical account taking in view the number of days.

In May this year (from 25-05-08 to 31-05-08), she also visited China. The trip to Beijing and Tianjin and her six day of stay there cost her Rs 1,83,745.

The Chief Minister Office, Government of NCT of Delhi has provided this information.